Oral Hygiene

Twinkies, the magically sweet treat that every kid wants to sink their teeth into. Unfortunately, this pastry turned cult classic, is full of nothing good for you. Have you ever eaten a Twinkie and had your teeth hurt? They're screaming from the onslaught of sugar! The...

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Fluoride-man! He’s faster than a speeding toothbrush, more powerful than gingivitis, able to leap deep cavities in a single bound! Ok, so he may not be the man of steel but Fluoride has made some impressive improvements in our society. The CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, calls fluoridation “One of the most valuable public health measures of the 20th Century”.

Bad breath is embarrassing and often goes unnoticed until it is pointed out by a relative or friend. Here are some questions that we have been asked about halitosis.
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